Why LANet Internet?

The fastest Internet

With speeds up to 100 Mbps means faster downloads of movies and TV shows

Symmetric Speeds

People often think of Internet as download-only. But if you like to post pictures or videos, you'll love the lightning-fast upload speed of LANet

Powering multiple devices

The more internet devices you use at one time, the greater the drain on your connection. Only LANet Internet has the extra speed you need to stay fast

Why <span>LANet </span> Internet?
Locally Owned and Operated

Your satisfaction is our #1 priority. Give us a call and see the difference for yourself!

Fiber Optics

It's not cable! Fiber optics offer a smoother, more reliable connection.

No Contracts

Where are the hidden costs? What’s the fine print? There are none. These aren't promotional rates. We won’t make you call us every six months to keep the price you see on the website. No shenanigans; just fast Internet and simple service

Get the fastest Internet in town. Request fiber optics

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About Us

We are the only ISP to deploy true Fiber to the Premises to the Los Alamos community.

We are pioneers in the fiber optic internet service area. Our company was founded over 10 years ago. Our services include ultra high-speed fiber optic Internet, Private Network Services (VPN / Private Ethernet) and Digital Phone.

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